About us

   Professionalism is a quality that must compete and combine only with it self. It should not be subordinated to economic, social, political and other factors.

   From error years on the market of medical services, particularly obstetrics and gynecology, annually we refine and improve our basic prevention program. Its combination of worldwide developments and continuous improvement, established it as a unique product. Accurate diagnostic performed in our clinic, followed by appropriate behavior and treatment are the cause of inimitable and rich statistics, which owns our business. Experience built on the basis of high qualification and implementation. Both globally and in Bulgaria, the lack of sufficient and timely information is the reason for the high proportion of women with cancer, births to babies with malformations incompatible with life, delayed or unnecessary surgery.

   After the above, let me introduce myself:

Д-р Марио Давидков
Mario Davidkov, MD

   Specialist obstetrician, possessing the necessary qualifications and certificates:

  • prenatal diagnostic of pregnancy (and its aberrations);
  • timely contemporary diagnostic of advanced pre-cancerous formations of the genital tract of women at any age.

   Our clinic ensures a combined work done by high-qualified specialists in different areas of obstetrics and gynecology. Knowing and working with the best:

  • laparoscopic diagnostic and microsurgery;
  • programmed modern birth or sectio cesarea;
  • gynecological cancerous operations;
  • surgery connected with formations of the mammary;
  • assisted reproductive technologies (IVF).

   When the specialist is qualified, he knows much better than us where, under what conditions and how to complete the case. This is the future worldwide - a joint activity between differentiated and variable separate areas and clinics.